Covid-19 Safety Plan

Retail store of Quality Bakery(1981) Ltd.

First level (elimination)

  • 4 staff member work per shift.
  • One member operates the till
  • Second member will gather and pack the customers orders
  • Third member will control the access and flow of customers in the store, and sanitize common areas on regular intervals
  • In case of incident with customer, close the door and contact management immediately*
  • Maximum of 6 spots are allowed to line up maintaining the 2 M rule.
  • Maximum of 4 people per table spaced 2 M for sitting down (No seating allowed until May 25, 2021).
  • Total of occupancy is 24 customers and 4 staff members

Measures in place:

  • Reduce the staffing level to 4 staff members
  • Limit of maximum 24 customers in the store
  • No visiting of staff members at work

Second level of protection

  • Glass barriers between customers and staff have been installed.
  • The glass will be cleaned and sanitized at least 4 times a day
  • We will not handle bags of customers they will have to bag there own purchases
  • Only disposable take out containers will be used (Go cups and paper or plastic bags)
  • Hand sanitizer is available at front entrance, washroom entrance and by the debit machine.

Third level of protection

The safety plan was communicated to all staff members and is subject to adjustments as needed

Fourth level

  • Since a 6 foot distancing behind the counter is not always possible those staff members will wear a protective mask
  • The mask are either disposed of after use or sanitized depending on the type of mask.
  • When a staff member feels unwell or shows any symptoms, they cannot show up to work and must call in sick.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces
  • Lemon tree diluted as per instructions is used to sanitize all surfaces
  • Hand sanitizer is used as needed

Contact Info:

Theo 250-341-7432 or
Mariska 250-341-7432

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