The Invermere Bakery – Our Philosophy

We haven’t just changed the inside of our store – we’ve re-evaluated our values too. We’ve always stood for quality, traditional baking methods, a warm and engaging environment – we’re just doing it better.

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We’re a pivotal part of our community – not only because everyone loves the Bakery but because we like to contribute to our community whenever we can. Curious about what we’re up to? Read on.


Bakery Points are here! Save up and cash in. Details here.

Our History

Quality Bakery was established in 1956 by Jan Van Driel, a baker from the Netherlands. He was succeeded by Austrian baker, Rudy Laresser in 1964. In 1981, Peter Banga of Switzerland became the current owner of Quality Bakery. Read more.

The Pretzel Story

What’s the deal with the pretzel? It’s a loooong story. Did you know…

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